If your child has been talking to you about how much they want a pit bike, you might be thinking about it. You can ensure your child has fun and remains safe on a bike without overspending on your end if you do the following.

Examine Pre-Owned Bikes

If your child is just starting out, pre-owned bikes may offer you a way to save some of your cash without sacrificing quality. Even a bike that's a few years old can offer your child the functionality they need as a beginner. As they become a more experienced rider, you may choose to get them another pre-owned bike with a more powerful engine or additional bells and whistles.

Outfit Them Properly

A helmet is likely on your list of things you'll need to pick up, but there is other equipment you might wish to purchase that will protect your child's body. Boots without laces can keep ankles and feet safe, for example, and gloves with inserts can protect wrists and hands. Make sure that they have enough long pants and long-sleeved shirts to serve as a barrier between their limbs and the road if they fall.

Have Them Trained

There's a learning curve that your child will need to go through in order to operate their bike safely. If you're not a pit bike or motorcycle rider yourself, you may not have the skills necessary to show your child what to do so you'll need to seek out formal training.

There are a number of training options out there. DirtBike School, a one day course run by the official Motorcycle Safety Foundation, is just one of the courses available. Check with recreation retailers in your area about more classes that might be an option for your child so that they're able to

Lay Down the Law

Even once you're sure your child is informed about the proper way to handle their bike, you may have additional rules you want them to stick to. You might ask them to:

  • Ride only in open fields or on tracks
  • Avoid having someone else on the bike with them
  • Avoid chasing people or animals on the bike
  • Don't ride after a certain hour

You might consider having them sign an informal agreement and laying down certain consequences for breaking the rules.

Riding a pit bike can provide hours of fun for your child; just pay attention to the above issues so you can ensure they are prepared. Visit local retailers for more bike guidance.