Any professional motocross racer will tell you, the gear you wear while on the track is almost as important as the bike you are riding on. This is especially true when it comes to the safety goggles you use to protect your eyes. Too many novice motocross riders will spend a lot of time and money buying the best protective boots, racing jerseys, and other racing apparel, but will completely skimp where goggles are concerned. If there is one component of gear to splurge on in motocross racing, it is the goggles. Check out these three BIG reasons racing goggles are so important on the motocross track. 

Racing goggles protect your eyes from flying debris. 

Cutting through the dirt paths of a motocross track will almost always guarantee there will be flying dust, gravel, and dirt as riders zip their way across the ground. As a rider, you definitely do not want to leave your eyes vulnerable to this flying debris. Dirt bikes have the ability to kick up debris and send it airborne at a high rate of speed, which could easily smash into your eyes and cause a lot of damage. Racing goggles are designed with shatter-resistant lenses that will hold up to the storm of material that could be tossed your way during a race. 

Racing goggles protect your eyes from the sun. 

On hot summer days when you hit the track, the beaming sun can definitely make it hard for you to get clear visibility if you do not have some form of UV protection. Motocross racing goggles are typically created with lenses that have ultimate UV protection with minimal shading so you can still see clearly. This means you will be able to see the track in spite of the sun and not have to be concerned about sun damage to your vision while you race. 

Racing goggles allow clear vision at high rates of speed. 

When you are traveling along a motocross path and trying to keep your speed up so you can take the win, you can hit some pretty excessive speeds. These high speeds with an open face can mean high wind speeds hitting your eyes, which is never a comfortable feeling. This can cause your eyes to dry out and reduce your level of visibility during a race. Racing goggles, like 509 goggles, provide an almost air-tight fit against the eyes and the area around the eyes to prevent this problem.