If you are buying ATVS for sale online, you need some "buyer beware" advice. While dealers will sell you exactly what they have in stock, private sellers do not have to reveal what they are selling. You would hope that most of them are telling you the truth about the condition of the ATVs, but there is always a trickster in the midst. To protect yourself, and still get your fun vehicles, here are some buying tips.

Ask to See More Than Pictures

You may notice that a seller does not post more than one or two pictures of an ATV. Ask him/her for a complete 360-degree view in pictures or video. If he/she hems and haws or balks, drop it and look elsewhere. If you get what you asked for, then ask to see more than just pictures, such as a brief video of the ATV in operation. Then ask to see the ATV in person.

Buy an ATV Trailer

To transport an ATV, you need either a heavy duty pickup truck or an ATV trailer. Most states will not allow you to transport an ATV any other way, and a few other states will not allow truck transport either. Check to see what your state requires, and what is required for any and all states you will travel through to buy an ATV as advertised before returning home. 

Ask If You Can Run the VIN Number

The seller should be willing to allow you to run the VIN number on the ATV he/she is selling. Tell the seller that you are checking for accident reports and a history on the vehicle. If the seller would rather run the ATV for you, make sure you receive a copy of the information, either by email attachment, or by snail mail. If the ATV was ever involved in an accident or stolen, this will show up on the report. It will help you avoid making this unwise purchase and pursue your ATV dreams elsewhere.

Do Not Pay Prior to Pick-up

Paying in advance for the ATV is almost always a huge mistake. That only works in your favor if you buy the ATV from a reputable dealership. With regards to a private seller, do not give the seller a penny until you have seen the ATV in person and have decided to purchase it. Too many buyers make the mistake of paying in advance with check or money order, and then they cannot get the money back when they change their minds about the purchase.