Whether you want to enjoy some time in the woods and mud or you need a vehicle to help you get around while hunting, an off-road recreational vehicle can be a great investment. Of course, choosing the right vehicle can be a bit challenging because there are so many options available. From a used ATV to a new side-by-side or a UTV with a small truck bed, the options are endless. Thankfully, this guide will help you narrow down the choices to help you find the right off-road recreational vehicle for your needs.


You may be surprised to learn there are differences between an ATV and UTV, but both are excellent off-road recreational vehicles.

Most ATVs are designed for one rider. Some larger ATVs have seating for an extra person to ride with the actual driver, as well. ATVs are meant to straddle while riding. Common examples of a traditional ATV would be a three or four-wheeler vehicle.

UTVs are also called side-by-side vehicles, since many models offer seating for 2 people side by side or even 4 with 2 people in the front and 2 in the back. Instead of straddling the vehicle like an ATV, you are able to sit in an actual seat of a UTV.

There are also UTVs, or utility task vehicles, that offer seating space and a truck bed in the back for extra storage.

New or Used

Once you decide on the type of recreational off-road vehicle you want and need, you should decide whether you want to purchase a new or used model. Both options do have their own pros and cons.

In a similar manner as new vehicles depreciate after purchase, ATVs and UTVs will also depreciate. Therefore, many people choose to buy these off-road recreational vehicles used either from dealers or private sellers.

This can save you some money on the up-front purchase, but making sure the vehicle is in good mechanical and cosmetic condition is key to ensure the vehicle runs well and last for a long period of time. Consider having the used ATV/UTV evaluated by a mechanic before purchasing.

Buying a new ATV/UTV offers many benefits. Not only will you know you are getting a new, great quality ATV/UTV with a manufacturer's warranty, but you may also be able to take advantage of special financing and promotional offers from the dealer and manufacturer. This will help you buy the Can Am for sale that you want and need by paying affordable monthly payments.